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German Pavilion at AFAC 2018

5 – 7 September 2018 – Perth, Australia

askö GmbH

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askö GmbH has nowadays more than 60 years experience and expertise as a manufacturer for high quality personal protective equipment (PPE).

Worldwide, customers appreciate their quality, reliability, the service and mutual trust. askö invents new, remarkable, high quality PPE with main focus on gloves for firefighting, rescue & recovery, military, police and security. askö is also a distributor for firefighting helmets.

"What distinguishes us, is the courage to innovate and internationalise. Thinking visionarily and acting realistically.
We put heart and soul in askö products and our job.
We give safety a name!


  • Firefighting gloves
  • Rescue and recovery gloves
  • police gloves
  • military gloves
  • working gloves
  • security gloves

Cut protection, High vis. Clothing

askö GmbH
Adolph-Kolping-Str. 6
72393 Burladingen

Phone: +49 7475 95000-0
Fax: +49 7475 95000-29

E-mail: info@askoe-online.de
Internet: www.askoe-online.de


Jakob Eschbach GmbH

Booth number: 127

Founded in 1956 the family owned Jakob Eschbach GmbH is one of the largest producers of layflat hoses worldwide.

Every year over 5 million meters of hose leave our production facility. That’s as long as 43,800 football fields or 565 times the height of the Mount Everest. We produce our pressure hoses for a vast variety of worldwide applications with a length of up to 1,000 meters.

The fully integrated production of our high quality pressure hoses is done in our production facilities in Marsberg, Germany. State of the art machinery, top quality materials and a highly qualified labour force ensure the production of extremely high quality and long lasting hoses capable of delivering maximum performance even under the most severe conditions.

Needless to say is that our quality management system is certified according the EN ISO 9001 standard.

Our hoses are designed to meet the numerous requirements of fire brigades, disaster protection and marine applications. Based on our outstanding experience we know very well what layflat fire hoses have to be made of to exceed the high requirements of various certifications. They have to withstand high pressures, be abrasion resistant, perform in cold and hot climates and still be highly flexible and easy to handle. Fluorescent versions for better visibility in the dark or in smoke filled areas are also available as well as rubberlined chemical and oil resistant versions.

Jakob Eschbach GmbH
Unterm Ohmberg 7
34431 Marsberg

Phone: +49 2992 6060
E-mail: info@jakob-eschbach.de
Internet: www.jakob-eschbach.de