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World premiere of the 4x4 First Responder by protectismundi

A new IVECO 4×4 First Responder races across the terrain of the Bundeswehr training ground, equipped with the latest high-tech fire extinguishing technologies built by SK-Tec in collaboration with protectismundi. Its compact dimensions and powerful 4-wheel drive enable it to reach difficult...

Exhibitor: protectismundi GmbH

Quality and tradition

We at Luitpold Schott Armaturenfabrik are a family-oriented company. Since 1932 we have been continuously developing innovative fittings for the worldwide protection of human life. Our certified company according to DIN ISO 9001 is one of the worldwide manufacturers when it comes to Storz...

Exhibitor: Luitpold Schott Armaturenfabrik GmbH

System ZZ-Fire protection block 200 NE ETA-10/0431

- Medium-sized and large penetration seals with a medium to high density of penetrating elements - Penetration seal size up to 0.6 m² - Through penetration firestop systems with frequently changing penetrating elements - If the ZZ-Foam block 200 NE is installed transversely...


System ZZ-Fire protection mastic NE ETA-13/0093

Through penetration firestop system for electrical cables (Ø≤21 mm) - Fast, easy and cost-effective - ZZ-Mastic NE has a high level of stability - Flammable backfill is possible - Minimal fill depths - Can be used in flexible wall without lining TIP: use PE round cords as backfill


System ZZ-Fire protection foam 2K NE ETA-11/0206

The optimal match between the beginning of the reaction and hardening enables sufficiently long work interruptions, as well as fast work progress, for the user of the fire protection foam, which is intumescent in the event of fire. The high material viscosity prevents the foam from running out of...


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