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System ZZ-Fire protection block 200 NE ETA-10/0431

- Medium-sized and large penetration seals with a medium to high
density of penetrating elements
- Penetration seal size up to 0.6 m²
- Through penetration firestop systems with frequently changing
penetrating elements
- If the ZZ-Foam block 200 NE is installed transversely (seal thickness
144 mm) a through penetration firestop system of fire resistance class
EI 60 can be produced.
- If ZZ-Foam blocks 200 NE are installed lengthwise (penetration seal
thickness 200 mm), a fire resistance class up to EI 120 can be
assigned to the through penetration firestop systems (depending on the
existing penetrating elements and, if necessary, with the use of ZZ-
Wrap NE).
- In areas with a high number of penetrating elements, ZZ-Fire protection
foam 2K NE can be used for closure.


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